What is the eGovernment Excellence Award?

The eGovernment Excellence Award is created to recognize, reward and showcase innovative & pioneering ICT initiatives created by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s community from public entities , business , startups , NGO’s and individuals.

How is this award different from other eGovernment Awards?

The eGovernment Excellence Award intends to recognize all outstanding innovative ICT contributions by bringing together applicants from various sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain who have integrated ICT within their business models to better achieve their diverse objectives, keeping in mind the specific stakeholders from public entities, private sector, NGO’s and individual on how to promote the kingdom and provide innovations of value.

What are the advantages of applying for the eGovernment Excellence Award?

  • Enhance the brand value of the participating entity
  • Highlighting the Kingdom of Bahrain’s ICT caliber.
  • The entity will be recognized in the Kingdom of Bahrain as an ICT achiever.
  • It will provide a platform to benchmark products and services against similar entities
  • Expose the entity to opportunities to network and investors
  • Provides opportunity to network and create business alliances and collaborations amongst participating entities

Can anyone participate in the eGovernment Excellence Award?

Participants of The eGovernment Excellence Award have to one of the following:

  1. Public institutions and bodies
  2. Private organizations and NGOs registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  3. Bahraini citizens.

How can one apply and what are the necessary documents required for submission during application?

To register, applicants need to:

  1. Visit www.egovaward.bh and Register to create a profile (username & password)
  2. Login to your profile (login is placed on the top right of the website)
  3. Select the Award category (Public Sector Awards, Private Sector Awards, Citizen Awards)
  4. Fill in the Award’s submission Form ( participants can save their entries to add on and edit later)
  5. Attach a PowerPoint presentation and any supporting documents
  6. Submit the participation

What is the evaluation criteria?

Each award has its own evaluation criteria in which available on the awards’ website www.egovaward.bh under “categories” under each award. Direct link: https://www.egovaward.bh/AwardEn.aspx

Can I participate with my own Smart Devices application project on behalf of my organization?

No, the applicant must be authorized by their organization to apply for the award and the applicant’s organization must be the owner of the application being submitted.

Could I participate with an Incomplete project?

All applications have to be complete in all aspects, no drafts, demonstrations, unfinished prototypes or incomplete projects are accepted. Indecipherable or illegible entries will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

Can an organization submit multiple entries?

Multiple entries by one organization are permitted up to 2 projects per award, if each entry is different and submitted separately in compliance to the requirements.

To submit another entry within the same award category, the entity needs to create a new account.

Can winning projects of 2019 awards participate in 2021 awards?

The application or projects, which won in the eGovernment Excellence Award 2019, are not allowed to participate again in the same award. The previous winners can participate under the same award with same application by providing major improvements and enhancement, and by demonstrating how it changed the functionality.

Can any company participate in the awards from abroad?

No, the applicant must be a registered organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Can the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) employees participate in any awards categories?

No, iGA employees and their immediate families of are ineligible to enter.

Is it enough to submit a presentation only of the project for evaluation?

The applicant must fill in the online application form and provide both appropriate electronic access to their submitted application, and supporting document/s as well (PowerPoint Presentation) for evaluation purposes by the Jury members.

Will the jury require an access to the project for evaluation?

Yes, the applicant must provide the required online and electronic access to their submitted application/s in order for the Jury to have full access to review the submission in a comprehensive manner.

How is the jury selected?

The jury panel is selected based on their relevance to the field of ICT.

What is the selection process for picking the award winners?

Once all applications are received, the Award Committee will validate the applications and provide them to the jury members for evaluation. Each application will be reviewed by a minimum of three jury members. Once the jury has scored the applications, the winner will be announced.

Who will award the prizes?

The Award is held under the patronage of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of SCICT will present the winners, the awarding mechanism will be communicated later based on precautionary measures and guidelines of the National taskforce for combating the coronavirus.

When will you announce the winners and when is the award ceremony?

Winners will be announced at an official awarding ceremony after the Jury process is completed. The Awarding ceremony details will be communicated to the winners in compliance to the precautions issued by the National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Can I insure that our information will be protected and confidential?

Yes, all information provided by the candidates will be kept confidential and used for the purpose of evaluation only. All Jury members and organizers will be asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

How do I contact you when facing difficulties in submitting the application or for further enquiries?

For your enquiries and assistance, you are welcome to contact us on the Government Services Contact Center 80008001 or by emailing us on: egovaward@iga.gov.bh.