Award Guidelines

The eGovernment Excellence Award aims to attract participation from all public sector entities that have exhibited exceptional achievements by demonstrating leadership and innovation in their use of IT.

The Award is also open to private organizations & NGOs that have worked in collaboration with a public entity to further enhance their services to the population by leveraging a form of ICT within their business framework.

Moreover, Bahraini citizens who incorporate innovative uses of ICT and its latest trends and solutions are invited to participate in the Awards.

Registration & Submission

To register, applicants need to:

  1. Visit and Register to create a profile (username & password)
  2. Login to your profile (login is placed on the top right of the website)
  3. Select the Award category (Public & Sector Awards, Citizen Awards)
  4. Fill in the Award’s submission Form ( participants can save their entries to add on and edit later)
  5. Attach a PowerPoint presentation and any supporting documents
  6. Submit the participation

Participants are advised to:

  • Answer all sections, and provide documentation such as screenshots and flowcharts to illustrate interaction and other visual material to support the entry; especially in cases where the judges cannot access the submitted services online, this will help in reviewing the entry effectively.
  • Prepare a presentation for the submitted entry, as the jury members may require candidates to present their entries in a one-on-one meeting.
  • The applicants can attach a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or any supporting documents along with the entry form where relevant. This can include specific data, statistics and results, details of improved usage levels (internal and external), website traffic statistics, migration levels to online service from offline services, customer/user feedback & satisfaction (perhaps as the result of surveys or more anecdotal evidence), and any other supportive information as required.
  • Include additional data that is of relevance to the submission.
  • 'Submit' after completing the process or 'Save' for further amendments before submission.
  • A workshop will be organized by the award’s committee to provide applicants with all necessary information related to the eGovernment Excellence Award.