Best Website


The Best Website award is granted to public and private entities whose website adapts to the latest design trends, offers optimal user experience, and contains well-written content. The winning website must showcase exceptional standards, professionalism, accessibility, originality, and overall site effectiveness.

Entry criteria

  • The applicant must be categorized as a public or private entity or a Non-Government Organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The website must not be cloned from other websites.
  • The website must not use material that violates the copyright.
  • The website must be operational and accessible at the time of submission (not under construction). However, minor areas of the website may be under construction.
  • The website should be accessible on the internet and via standard web browsers during submission.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Rich, specific, up to date, and relevant content.
  • Adherence to the United Nations criteria.
  • Compatibility of the website through multiple channels, and different devices.
  • Speed, bandwidth, and response time of the website.
  • Creativity and uniqueness of website design concept.
  • Accessibility and user experience.
  • Language support (Arabic, English and others).
  • Provides a communication mechanism with the public.
  • Personalization and human interactivity.
  • Compliance with international standards W3C.
  • Compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Customer support.
  • Implementation of security controls and measures.